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You need protection in the Florida sun and we have what you need! Tinted lenses, polarized, transitions and mirror coatings. Do you need glasses for outdoor activities? Ask about our bicycle lenses, golf lenses, or sports goggles.

Let’s face it, nothing adds an air of mystery to your look faster than a chic pair of sunglasses, whether you opt for aviators, wayfarers or wraparounds. In fact, sunglasses are so important from a fashion point of view, it’s easy to forget their pivotal role in safeguarding your eyes from harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays … That’s where we come in!

See-by-the-Sea Optical offers a wide array of optical-quality sunglasses, in both prescription and non-prescription lenses, that provide 100% protection against UVAs and UVBs.

If you drive frequently or participate sports activities on a regular basis, you might want to reach for polarized sunglasses to filter out reflective glare. If you wear contacts, your eyes could be extra-sensitive to light, making full-coverage, shield-style sunglasses are your potential best bet. And if your immediate plans include jetting off to Ibiza (even if only in your daydreams), oversized, extra-dark sunglasses will offer you plenty of sun protection — while earning you bonus points for retro, movie-star quality glamour.

We are an authorized dealer of Cocoon fitovers


Serengeti is known for their high quality sun lenses. They offer polarized photochromic drive wear, lenses that adapt to the changing conditions of the sun. Ask us about having polarized photochromic lenses made for your prescription.

These are just a few samples of our sunglass frames carried.

Custom clip-ons that are made to match your particular frame in color, shape, and style. Custom Eyes are truly exceptional. When you don’t wish to make a second pair of sunglasses, and transitions aren’t for you, these custom made clip-ons will solve your sun wear needs.



Visit See-by-the-Sea Optical today to select the perfect pair of sunglasses that will enhance your sports performance or leisure time. Our professional associates can advise you on the best combination of style, materials and fabrication to create a truly personalized selection that will suit your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

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